Philly’s Own Neighborhood Bike Works

Neighborhood Bike Works is a grass roots initiative located in the western neighborhoods of Philadelphia. NBW’s baseline strategy is to provide equitable access to bike ownership for the cities’ youth. Their initiative educates and trains participants how to repair/maintain a bike, including safety protocol all with the goal of “earning a bike” at the end of their program. With their youth program, it typically takes 8 weeks to earn a bike. It’s within reach and in sight to keep the children focused. In addition, NBW conducts many other programs to push their outreach including Bike Church, so adults can drop in to learn how to repair their bikes. They operate a retail store offering used bikes and parts for sale staffed by former youth that have earned bikes with NBW’s program. During the COVID-19 pandemic, NBW provided 160 refurbished bikes to essential workers, when public transportation was shut down.

Like any non-profit, NBW relies on cash donations to purchase bikes and parts. This year, 44 staff Roxanne Selwyn and Dana Neas lead 44’s Season of Giving Project asking staff to donate to this great cause. On Giving Tuesday, Dana, Joe Dreyer and Jeff Sherry presented a check to Jessi West, the executive director of Neighborhood Bike Works a check for $3600.00

Dana Neas, Jeff Sherry, and Joe Dreyer of 44 Business Capital present staff donations to Jessi West, executive director of Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Bike Works. 44’s employee Season of Giving Project kicked off Giving Tuesday, 2021.
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