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44 Business Capital Assists the Small Business Owner

44 Business Capital is committed to the financing needs of the small business owner. We understand the trials and tribulations of business ownership. We also understand that access to capital is a challenge these days as banks fight over the “A+” borrowers but ignore the balance of the small business communities.

Did you know that banks look to end borrowing relationships when:

  • Borrowers trip covenants in their loan documents even though they have stellar pay histories
  • Borrowers' collateral values drop
  • Borrowers want to expand but can’t debt service the expansion based on their current operations
  • Borrowers want to purchase real estate and/or equipment but want to preserve working capital instead of putting the typical 25-30% conventional banks/lenders require
  • A bank determines a certain industry is no longer “desirable”
  • A borrower wants to make a strategic acquisition but does not have the collateral to secure the borrowing need

44 Business Capital has financed borrowers in every one of these situations. All SBA loans are fully amortizing with no balloons which provides certainty on an ongoing basis. We can provide capital for expanding your business whether it is making a strategic business acquisition, acquiring a piece of real estate with little down payment, acquiring equipment with little down payment or securing some permanent working capital.

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The 44 Advantage…

  • Access to the Decision Makers
  • Speed to Decision
  • No Loan Covenants

Our Clients…

  • Refinance existing debt
  • Purchase commercial real estate
  • Expand or purchase a business
  • Invest in new machinery & equipment
  • Improve company cash flow
  • Preserve Countless Jobs