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44 Business Capital takes the SBA Veteran's Pledge

You’ve served your country and defended the liberties that all of us continue to enjoy today. Now it is our turn to try and support you and your business. 44 Business Capital has taken the SBA pledge to increase our lending to Veterans each year. And not just recent Veterans returning from the Middle East but anyone who ever served or has a spouse that served in the military. We realize we can’t do every loan and we still need to be prudent in how we extend credit, but for those that have risked it all, we can risk a little more.

44 Business Capital encourages Veterans to use the many resources SBA has set up to help train and educate Veterans on small business ownership. This free education will help you understand the challenges of expanding your existing business, acquiring a business or restructuring the debt on your existing business.

44 Business Capital supports the following organizations that provide Veterans with invaluable resources:

Bunker Labs
Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN)
Saint Joseph’s Veterans Cohort

44 Business Capital stands ready to serve those who have served us. Thank you for your valiant service and defense of our great nation.

44 Business Capital Can Help Local Vets get SBA Funding

We educate and assist local Veterans with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program. This means that we have earned the right to lend our money to qualified businesses with the assistance of a 75% SBA loan guarantee.

Get Started:

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