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44 Business Capital Offers Quick Response to Bankers

As a commercial banker, you know how difficult it can be to champion a deal through credit these days. When credit says “No”, what do you do? You are incented to get deposits, trust accounts and other ancillary business but the commercial loan is often the cornerstone of any relationship.

44 Business Capital can be the perfect solution for these scenarios. We are transaction oriented. We do the deal while you garner the entire banking relationship. We don’t charge origination points or have to “shop” the deal all over the market. We either do the deal or we don’t and we provide a quick response in either case.

If you are a workout officer at a bank, 44 Business Capital could be your best tool. We are consistently getting deals done where technical covenants have been tripped but the borrower has always paid as agreed. With longer terms borrowers can go from “no debt service coverage” to “adequate debt service coverage”. The SBA guaranty helps mitigate any collateral shortfall we might be facing so if you have a client in workout due to collateral shortfalls based on the real estate market, we can help.


The 44 Advantage…

  • Access to the Decision Makers
  • Speed to Decision
  • No Loan Covenants

Our Clients…

  • Refinance existing debt
  • Purchase commercial real estate
  • Expand or purchase a business
  • Invest in new machinery & equipment
  • Improve company cash flow
  • Preserve Countless Jobs