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Financing Franchises Nationwide — Loans from $500K to $5MM

44 Business Capital is a direct small business lending division of Berkshire Bank, providing loans to the U.S. franchise market. Specializing in SBA loans to finance franchises in a variety of industries including daycare, restaurants, retail grocery and automotive. Loans range from $500,000 to $5,000,000. Our team of SBA experts work with entrepreneurial customers throughout the lending process, having originated over $1 Billion in SBA 7 (a) loans in just the last twelve years. 44 Business Capital understands that by fostering the growth of small businesses in our communities, we can have an impact on job creation and preserving employment opportunities.

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Watch Dr. John Hayes and Jeff Sherry answer your questions on How to Finance a Franchise:

44 Business Capital is the SBA Expert in Franchise Financing
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The 44 Advantage…

  • Access to the Decision Makers
  • Speed to Decision
  • No Loan Covenants

Our Clients…

  • Refinance existing debt
  • Purchase commercial real estate
  • Expand or purchase a business
  • Invest in new machinery & equipment
  • Improve company cash flow
  • Preserve Countless Jobs