The Great 44 Crab Fest

Blue CrabDid you know these fun facts about the Maryland Blue Crab? According to the Department of Natural Resources for the State of Maryland, The Blue Crab or Callinectes sapidus means “beautiful swimmer that is savory”. The largest crab recorded from Maryland was a male measuring 9 inches. The Blue Crab is the most economically important species in the Bay with an annual harvest of hard crabs from Chesapeake Bay accounting for over 50% of total U.S. landings.  We were unaware of these crab facts, so 44 decided a closer inquiry was required. With our new found crab facts at hand, 44 Business Capital decided an old fashioned, end of summer Crab Fest was a great way to celebrate the Baltimore region.

As the late Summer was winding down, the 44 Crab Fest was held at Bo Brooks Crab House located on the Baltimore harbor. The 50 attendees of seasoned commercial bankers enjoyed a traditional crab fest featuring Maryland crab soup, jumbo lump crab cakes, steamed crabs and ice cold beer and libations. Prize winners took home Oriole playoff tickets, Ravens football tickets and a generous gift certificate to Bo Brooks.  The Crab Fest continued into the evening as many of the attendees and the 44 staff learned about the savory benefits of the Blue crab and watched the Baltimore Orioles clinch the American League East title.  A perfect end to a busy summer, unless of course,  you are a Maryland Blue Crab.


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