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Jyoti Foods Refinances Debt with $1,800,000 SBA Loan

“When a national bank got nervous about the finances at Jyoti Foods, it was 44 Business Capital that stepped in. Jyoti foods had losses in 2013-2015, due to a $1MM investment in new machinery and new products. While the big bank failed to see the difference between losses and investment, 44 Business Capital understood the difference and saw the potential. Phil Martin met with us, facilitated the preparation of the necessary documents, and orchestrated a new mortgage on our building as well as a Line of Credit for additional equipment and working capital. Since we closed our loan, Jyoti Foods has added ten more employees.Phil is very good to deal with, and is even better at getting things done. We look forward to raising more funds for new equipment and working capital via 44 Business Capital, with Phil Martin's participation.”

Vijai Gupta
JYOTI Natural Foods | Sharon Hill, PA


Jyoti Foods is a manufacturer of Indian/Asian foods. Over the past couple years,due to several industry and economic factors beyond the company's control, the business experienced tighter cash flow. During this time the company had a $1,700,000 mortgage coming due and the bank was unable to renew due to the tight cash flow. 44 Business Capital was able to refinance this loan as well as provide a $200,000 Line of Credit as the company demonstrated favorable trends, a solid balance sheet and strong leadership. During a recent visit by Gov. Tom Wolf toured the 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Sharon Hill, PA. Owner Vijai Gupta, an inventor of 24 U.S. patented technologies, explained each machine from the various steam-heated kettles, and retorts for sterilizing pouches and cans. Jyoti Natural Foods has been built technically and financially by the owners with no taxpayer dollars.Jyoti Natural Foods is on track to have their best performance in years, adding ten additional employees.