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Health & Fitness Practice Refinances Debt with Working Capital for Growth

"It was clear from our first interaction with Scott Stevens that it was not business as usual. Scott sat and listened carefully to not only what we wanted to accomplish (refinance) but pursued an understanding as to who we are personally. He then sought to understand the practical outworking of our vision and mission through AspireCARE and AspireFIT. He listened to us as we described some of the unique challenges we had faced as a small medical practice in a volatile market. It was with this foundation that Scott and his team were able to then have a clear vision for evaluating our financial position and need. Scott's approach made it clear that 44 Business Capital was not only interested in 'making a deal' but rather entering into a long-term relationship with Aspire Health Concepts, Inc."

Drs. Richard Rayner and David White
AspireCARE/AspireFIT | Harrisburg, PA


The physicians of AspireCARE needed to refinance in order to both reduce the burden on their clinical practice as well as allow for more creative work at AspireFIT. Dr. Rayner and Dr. White have a committed hope to bring better health through better care. Better care must be tied to the well substantiated belief that health is more an issue of the choices made rather than genetics, gender or age. Putting the responsibility back into the patient's hands is essential to success. So while there might be financial security found in ensuring that insured patients are seeking medical care, the hope is to inspire patients to take ownership and action. AspireCARE has committed to teaching patients how to move forward by providing necessary education, guidance and support through AspireFIT. The launch of AspireFIT coincided with tremendous instability in the medical industry. Small practices were closing or being bought, premium costs were escalating to all-time highs, with increased financial burden falling on the patients. Understanding the increased risk the medical practice, would shoulder while introducing AspireFIT to the community, they believed then and the evidence would bear out that this is a critical element of pursuing health and wellness. Lives are being transformed through the integrative approach of traditional medicine, counseling services, physical therapy, nutritional education and fitness/movement training.