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$1,050,000 SBA Loan for Salon Professional Academy

"We worked with five banks during the funding portion of our project. We were approved by two, including 44 Business Capital, within two minutes of each other! We chose to close our SBA loan with 44 Business Capital because Joe Dreyer and his team were extremely efficient and knowledgeable throughout the application process. We felt confident that if issues arose during the construction process, the team would be able to address them quickly and in a way that would keep suppliers and contractors happy and on schedule. That is exactly what happened! With 44 Business Capital's help, we completed our build-out on our projected date. We would highly recommend them!"

Jennifer Killeen and Roseann Hawley
The Salon and Spa Academy | Collegeville, PA


Jen Killeen and Roseann Hawley were successful entrepreneurs. They had a vision for creating a cosmetology school in the Collegeville, PA, area; however, they had to "start one up" from scratch. They needed funding for leasehold improvements, furniture and equipment plus working capital. Several banks passed on the request, but after meeting with them, Joe Dreyer of 44 Business Capital was impressed and worked to get them approved, funded, and under construction quickly. The school is now filled with aspiring young adults who are obtaining their cosmetology license and have a bright future.