Robson Industries Expands Operations - Acquisition of Commercial Real Estate with $1,520,000 SBA Loan

"Our business needed more space to expand and grow. We didn't have enough working space or room to store materials-when a large project was built others would suffer. Positive growth was just impossible unless something changed.Joe Dreyer worked with us to find a loan solution that allowed us to expand without sacrificing working capital. Joe Dreyer was detail oriented and believed in this project as much as we did. Now we can not only go after large projects without hesitation, but we can show customers our impressive new facility."

Don Robson, Jr. Vice President Engineering
Robson Industries, Inc. | West Chester, PA


Robson Industries, Inc. was leasing space in West Chester Borough, which was not efficient for material handling. The company manufactured large pieces of industrial equipment and their limited space created inefficient throughput. The Robson's found an ideal building to expand their operations, but were concerned with the stress a 25% down payment would put on their working capital needs. 44 Business Capital worked with them to create a beneficial financing structure. An SBA 7a loan was used to acquire the building, consolidate debt and extend some permanent working capital. The new building, which includes overhead cranes, has become the perfect facility to build the company's niche industrial equipment. It also provides room for future expansion.