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Loan Brokers Work with 44 Business Capital Both Regionally and Nationally

Have your deals gone into a black hole at the bank/lender to which you’re sending deals? Need a quick read on a deal? 44 Business Capital provides solutions to small businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic. The principals of 44 Business Capital were successful loan brokers in the past and understand the tough grind of brokering deals. It can be a tremendous challenge especially in these times where lenders fight over the A+ credits and leave the B/B+ credits for dead.

44 Business Capital commits to providing loan brokers with quick responses on potential transactions. We know time is money and that a long, drawn out “no” is the kiss of death for brokers. Your client trusts you to deliver a sound financing solution and that is what we offer through our SBA lending programs.

We offer referral fees of up to 1% of the loan amount but adhere strictly to the SBA guidelines and execution of the Form 159. We protect all the brokers we work with and enjoy a solid relationship with them as they allow us to interact freely with the borrower and conduct our full underwriting.


The 44 Advantage…

  • Access to the Decision Makers
  • Speed to Decision
  • No Loan Covenants

Our Clients…

  • Refinance existing debt
  • Purchase commercial real estate
  • Expand or purchase a business
  • Invest in new machinery & equipment
  • Improve company cash flow
  • Preserve Countless Jobs