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Business Partners Acquire Power House Tools

“My business partners and I recently acquired a company with an SBA loan through James Stolt of 44 Business Capital. I wanted to recognize his exceptional service and support during the loan process. Specifically, his outstanding responsiveness, guidance, and efforts helped us work through some issues to get the deal closed. I was compelled to send this email because James' professionalism was first-class and deserves recognition. This is one of only two emails of gratitude I have written in my career. I thought you might be interested in knowing that James exceeded our expectations.”

Fred Sturgeon, Partner
Power House Tools | Batavia, IL


Working with very busy business owners already operating a company and getting the pieces lined up to do this transaction was a challenge. We had to structure the deal with the end game to ultimately merge the operations of the two companies. In addition, the landlords were not the easiest to deal with in terms of requirements, but we were able to craft a viable solution to get the deal done.