$922,000 SBA Loan to purchase office condo with renovations for new dental practice

"I was a divorced, single pediatric dentist Mom that was turned down from every financial institution I approached. Asking for money to open my own practice seemed impossible. One bank even laughed at me. 44 Business Capital was brought to my attention by a good friend and attorney, Edward Kelly. They seemed to be what I was hoping for. They liked underdogs with a good story. My hands were shaking, and I was very nervous to meet with Joe Dreyer as this one man had the power to say yes or no to my entire business plan and dream office. I was greeted by a friendly and warm smile. As I explained all my numbers and business actions to Joe, I became more comfortable. Joe's relaxed demeanor allowed me to explain my story, my passion and my drive. Joe ended our meeting with a solid handshake and a glimmer of hope that his partners would be as excited as he was in funding Phoenixville Pediatric Dentistry. If it wasn't for that meeting with Joe Dreyer, I would never have had the opportunity to experience my dream. He and 44 believed in an underdog. They encouraged my dream. They allowed me to continue my story. And boy, it's a great one."

Dr. Missy Bergmaier
Phoenixville Pediatric Dentistry | Phoenixville, PA


Dr. Missy had over 15 years of experience as a Pediatric Dentist. During that time she helped several other Dentists open and grow their practices. She desired to open her own practice; however, due to raising three young children and paying off her student loans of over $200,000, she did not have a significant down payment to commit to the project. Joe Dreyer of 44 Business Capital met with Dr. Missy and helped her to structure a transaction with the realtor, the seller, the contractor, and the dental equipment company that enabled the dental office to be built on time and on budget.

As a first time small business owner, Dr. Missy was unfamiliar with a good bit of the financial language, but the team at 44 was always willing to help and explain the long paragraphs that sometimes made no sense to a dentist. The process was very extensive and seamless. With a quick turnaround, 44 helped Dr. Missy realize her dream of buying her own office space, renovate and purchase dental equipment and celebrate the opening of her own practice.