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$3,975,000 Loan for Debt Consolidation and Cash Flow Enhancement for Laser Eye Surgeon

“If you were in the growth and acquisition mode from 2005-2007 then the very banks that were freely lending money to you were the very ones that got in serious trouble. Who do you think they pressed when they needed money to cover their undercollateralized loans? Their best customers! On one side, the federal government was trying to close our bank. On the other side, the SBA was looking to grow businesses to help counter the Great Recession. 44 Business Capital was able to clearly show the health and vitality of the business. The banks wanted to liquidate the very assets that made this business a successful entity to satisfy the federal regulators who don't look further than getting a bank's books balanced. This would have put 22 people out of work and would have been the end of Siepser Eyecare. 44 Business Capital assured our ability to function. Getting us access to the funds we needed to re-capitalize at favorable rates and terms saved the day. If there was ever a “Catch-22” situation this was it. Our government did not save the day. It was the insightful sophisticated team at 44!”

Dr. Steven B. Siepser, MD, Surgeon and Ophthalmologist
Siepser Laser Eyecare | King of Prussia, PA


Dr. Siepser of Siepser Laser Eyecare had always paid his creditors as agreed. However, his bank was under regulatory action and could not provide any additional commercial financing. Revenues, which had been impacted by the recession, were recovering. Financial consultant Mike Breeze of New Direction Capital works with entrepreneurs and business owners and referred Dr. Siepser to Joe Dreyer of 44 Business Capital. 44 was able to facilitate the loan which consolidated all of Dr. Siepser's debt, including his medical office loan, and save the practice over $18,000 a month in cash flow.