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Horse Bedding Manufacturer & Feed Business

“I have had the pleasure of working with 44 Business Capital who helped me obtain an SBA loan for a manufacturing horse bedding and feed business. I found the group to be very professional and helpful in dealing with the whole process from start to finish. This was my first SBA loan and I would not hesitate to recommend 44 Business Capital to anyone who is considering applying for an SBA loan."

Kevin Babington, Owner
Babington Mills | Hamburg, PA


The borrower was requesting a $1.3MM loan to acquire real estate and implement machinery for the manufacturing of chopped straw to be sold in the equine market. The new business would be a start-up operation in a difficult credit environment. 44 Business Capital looked at the borrower's existing operation and saw its success. We listened to the borrower explain the opportunity in the equestrian bedding market. The borrower was an Olympic Equestrian so we understood that he had recognition and respect in the industry. The borrower had a fair amount of "skin in the game" and 44 Business Capital was able to secure additional outside collateral to further strengthen the deal.