Veteran and West Point Grad Expands Oklahoma RV Park with SBA Loan

“44 Business Capital provided our company with the financing we needed to launch into our next phase of growth. We were a fully bootstrapped RV park with too few rentable sites, but nearly 10 acres of additional buildable land. I only had enough cash to build the first half of the RV park, which didn't include enough bookable sites to be sustainably profitable. Eventually we found 44BC who offered us a deal to finance the necessary expansion. Construction is now underway, and we're on the glidepath to long term profitability. Finding a creative person in the banking industry is nearly impossible, but it seems like all of them must work for 44 Business Capital.”

J.D. Connolly, Managing Partner
Lake Hudson Resort | Pryor, Oklahoma

"David Velez was the third BDO I worked with on this $1,500,000 RV resort loan. The others couldn't get it done. He saw reasons to do the loan, not reasons to not do the loan. I highly recommend David for any loan needs you may have."

Keith, Loan Broker


A bootstrapped company with less than one year of operation is too risky for most bankers. having applied and gone through a 6-week approval process with eight different banks, all of which ultimately declined the deal. After almost a full year of seeking financing, the borrower connected with a broker, Keith, who studied the company and matched them with 44 Business Capital. The loan officer was David Velez who found creative ways to structure a deal that benefited all parties involved.