SBA Loan and Line of Credit funds Hilton Bus Company Purchase

“My partners and I found a wonderful opportunity to buy a school bus company with exciting potential. We talked to Michael Hahn of 44 Business Capital. They felt comfortable about the acquisition and presented a term sheet they could live up to. Within a week 44 came up with an acquisition timeline, were very responsive all the way through the process, and made sure we could complete the purchase in a timely manner. Michael saved the deal for us and now we have a company that has shown immediate profitability.”

David Zickafoose
Hilton Bus Company | Camden, DE


David Zickafoose and his investment partners approached 44 Business Capital to finance this business acquisition after a large regional bank struggled to get comfortable with the leverage of the transaction. Having wasted about 60 days, the seller was running out of patience and they were in desperate need of an aggressive solution to fund in record time to save this once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity. The deal was referred to 44 Business Capital and Mike Hahn. 44 quickly approved a term loan and a working capital line that allowed them to execute this purchase just in time for winter break and not while school was in session making for a much smoother transition of the school bus company ownership.