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Boxer and Dane Pet Hotel Opens after Small Business Loan for Commercial Real Estate Purchase

"Debbie Godt helped us fulfill our dream of owning a Pet Hotel. She was extremely efficient and responsive throughout the whole process of obtaining an SBA loan. Now we have a beautiful pet care facility and a lot of happy four-legged customers."

Diana Juarez
Boxer and Dane Pet Hotel | North Arlington, NJ


Financing for a startup business where borrower had no prior experience running her own business? 44 Business Capital can do that.
Mr. and Mrs. Juarez started caring for pets of friends and family back in 2009 while looking for play dates for their boxer, Leo. They have spent a great many hours studying dog behavior and educating themselves on what makes dogs happy as well as the necessary components of dog health. It became their dream to create a perfect environment for pets: an environment that can truly improve pets lives and allow pet owners to enjoy their day knowing that their beloved family members are in great hands (and paws). Having received sufficient experience in finance and accounting, Diana started doing market research to finally bring Boxer & Dane to life.