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$2,200,000 SBA Loan for Debt Refinance, Partner Buyout, and Renovation of Philly's Good Dog Bar

"We had been looking to renovate our flagship bar, Good Dog, for the last three years due to structural issues with the building. Timing was not on our side as it also became necessary to terminate our business partnership when we could not agree on a renovation plan. Getting funding to buy out our partner OR renovate Good Dog would have been easily attainable, but getting funding to do both proved to be quite a challenge. To make matters worse, the bank we had worked with for 14 years backed out at the 11th hour. We were faced with finding an alternate funding source or sell it all. We could not bear selling the businesses we have spent years building. Then we met Phil Martin from 44 Business Capital. Phil was amazing and took us from the brink of sale to being fully funded for both our buyout AND renovation. He streamlined everything and made endless amounts of paperwork seem like nothing. He helped us navigate the complicated process of connecting all the SBA dots and was always available to answer any questions we might have. It took 44 Business Capital a quarter of the time to approve us than it did for our original bank to reject us, and we could not have had a more rewarding experience with 44. Now we own both buildings and businesses. Good Dog has the renovation it needs and we are moving forward, operating on our own terms. Thank you to Phil and the entire team at 44 Business Capital!"

Heather Gleason & Dave Garry
The Good Dog Bar & The Industry | Philadelphia, PA


Heather Gleason and Dave Garry own and operate the Good Dog Bar in Philadelphia. For years they owned the successful business with a partner. A buyout was mutually agreed upon however their existing bank was unable to assist due to a portion of the loan being under-secured. 44 Business Capital was able to get comfortable with the cash flow and Heather and Dave as remaining operators, and provide funds to refinance all debt, buyout the partner in full and provide money for renovations.