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History | Providing SBA Loan Services

44 Business Capital was started in September of 2009 by Phil Rapone, Jeff Sherry and Greg Poehlmann and is a subsidiary of Parke Bank. 44 Business Capital is a successor to 44 Financial Corporation where partners Phil Rapone and Jeff Sherry worked for over 20 years providing clients with small business loans. Managing partner and President, Greg Poehlmann brings 17 years of lending experience with several national SBA companies at the senior management level. The combination of expertise, Parke Bank’s desire to be in the SBA business and years of friendship led to the formation of 44 Business Capital. We value our ability to work as a team to give our clients the best possible service from application to closing.

1989 through 2008

$1 Billion lent to small businesses through their prior endeavors. Jeff Sherry and Phil Rapone through 44 Financial. Greg Poehlmann, Joe Dreyer and Ed Narozny through the Business Loan Express, Money Store and UPS Capital.

FALL 2008 The credit crisis creates opportunity and the principals of 44 Financial and Greg Poehlmann begin to discuss strategic alliance.