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Center City Tavern Gets Expansion Loan

“44 Business Capital enabled us to realize our dream of owning our property and purchasing an adjacent property to double the size of our restaurant. 44 Business Capital alerted us to financial products we didn't know existed. They were responsive and professional throughout the SBA financing process, making it a breeze. As a result, Misconduct Tavern is now set for a long and profitable future.”

Chuck Ercole, Owner
Misconduct Tavern | Philadelphia, PA


The owners had built a very successful business in Misconduct but had a limited amount of space and capacity. They found themselves turning away patrons. Additionally, Misconduct was leasing the real estate it occupied and the owners felt that now was a good time to buy the real estate. Lastly, an adjoining piece of real estate which housed the Vesper Club, was held in an estate controlled by the University of Pennsylvania. If our borrower could somehow buy that real estate, this would present a whole host of opportunities to expand Misconduct's capacity. Financing a tavern in the current economic environment is extremely challenging. 44 was able to mitigate some of the risk by considering the solid track record of management, the solid center city real estate we were getting as collateral and the individual owners excellent personal credit. Ultimately, Misconduct was able to expand its kitchen and dining area to handle additional capacity.